Croydon Community School has specific expectations of the whole school community. The involvement of students, families of students, staff and supporters of the school community is considered to be essential in the operation of all areas of the school.

Participation in the school may be in any of the following ways:

  • working groups - involvement in policy/direction making
  • volunteering - office, cleaning, library, school maintenance
  • parents actively involved in child's education/learning
  • parents actively encouraged in maintaining continuous communications with teachers
  • membership of council and school management committee
  • teachers, parents and students in active partnership in students education
  • sharing skills - assisting with and taking classes

The school's involvement in the extended community is via participation in the following types of activities:

  • Leadership groups such as our eMpowering Girls Social Skills Educators, Mosaic Artists and 3D computer Animators, all of whom work with students in other schools to teach new and necessary skills
  • Croydon Library use
  • Safe Train involvement
  • recreational involvement
  • participation with Youth Services at Maroondah Council
  • music/band competitions
  • support of various organisations - World Vision, Greenpeace, Community Aid Abroad, Salvation Army
  • interaction with other community schools, neighbourhood schools and tertiary institutions
  • excursions

There are various ways in which the school community communicates with the wider community:

  • weekly newsletter
  • use of the local newsletter
  • whole school functions
  • school council and subcommittee minutes available
  • whole school meetings - these are open to all members of the whole school community
  • school annual report
  • telephone contact
  • students organising activities
  • students talking to primary schools
  • morning meetings
  • verbal report nights
  • community responses to the school - phone contact and personal contact