Croydon Community School is committed to educate our students under the Big Picture School model of "One student at a a community of learners". We base our curriculum on the premise that each student has unique interests, needs and abilities that our education program must take into account. The key to achievement lies in fostering students' individual interests, encouraging their active participation in the learning process and developing the ability to apply knowledge and skills to real life experiences and challenges.

Croydon Community School operates under nine principles:

Small by design

  • The school size is limited to around 120 students in years 7 to 12
  • Maximum class size of 15 students

Advisory Groups

  • An Advisory teacher and education support teacher meets daily with an advisory group of 12 to 15 students. The Advisory teacher stays with the group of students for 2 to 5 years.
  • Advisory groups go on trips together, debate issues, do community service, critique each other's work, plans activities etc...
    These three key themes are brought together by the Advisory group and the Advisory teacher.

Personalised learning

  • Each student has a comprehensive, individual learning plan ILP.
  • These ILPs are crafted by the students with the guidance of a range of support materials and help from advisors, teachers, parents, mentors and their peers.
  • Learning plans identify learning goals and are reviewed and updated quarterly.

Pursuing Passions

  • We believe that students learn best when they are doing something that they are passionate about in the real world. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and follow them through the internships and projects.

Families are enrolled too...

  • Families play an important role in students' education. From helping students to develop their ILPS, to participating in events and exhibitions, parents are integral to the education community.

Learning Through Internship LTI

  • Each student aims to spend two days a week engaged in meaningful project work in an internship outside of the school building under the direction of a mentor. The internship enables the student to pursue their passions and interests. Project work is designed to foster broader learning rather than merely developing vocational skills.
  • When students learn in an internship they are with a mentor doing the real work of the workplace or community centre. Specifically the student has an opportunity to experience "People, Objects and Place" with their internship in the real world.

Authentic Assessment

  • In addition to the requirements of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development we rigorously evaluate student learning and development through a variety of performances, including a portfolio of work and semester exhibitions. Students receive written reports from advisors and teachers clearly outlining student progress.
  • Exhibitions are opportunities for students to present their work and learning in a professional manner. Parents, advisors, teachers, mentors and peers participate in the exhibitions providing feedback to the student on their progress and learning.
  • Reflection is a critical component of student assessment. Through the process of planning, doing and reflecting students discover how to take responsibility for their own learning. Students write in their journals at least three times per week, recording their thoughts, feelings, observations and plans around their education.

Focus on building Community

  • In-house school days include whole school gatherings that offer students the opportunity to showcase their work, develop community activities, performances and presentation. These gatherings occur on a Monday morning and include a breakfast shared by all.

Eye on the Big Picture

  • We expect all students to complete their secondary education and move to further learning. This may take the form of apprenticeships, traineeships, TAFE and other certificate courses. Students in year 9 to 12 affirm their commit to their futures through our Charter Signing day.