Life at Croydon Community School is dynamic and lively. We know that what we do works because we have the pleasure of watching our students grow into confident and capable young adults. We have no magic wands, no quick fixes, just lots of persistence and programs that are designed to develop skills in areas that are important to success throughout life.

In 2010 we introduced the Big Picture School program. The central focus is One Student at a Time, in a Community of Learners¬Ě. This wasn't a major shift for our school but has enabled us to provide a formal structure to our work. Students work on their passions and interests. More and more their learning is self-driven with the introduction of Individual Planning Plans written by students with the help of teachers and parents.

Multimedia has exploded at Croydon Community School with students utilising the Green Screen for filming as well as producing their own sounds tracks, video music DVDs and the like. Students have the opportunity to explore 3D animation and graphic design incorporating all the elements of computer technology, digital film and sound.

These programs are part of our curriculum, alongside our integrated studies and remedial literacy and numeracy programs. They are taught during class time and the skills that students learn will stand them in good stead for many years to come. Even better, they develop self confidence and leadership skills, both of which are necessary for happy and successful lives.

We know that what we do is not for everyone. We are not trying to provide programs that will meet everyone's needs, just the needs and desires of those students who have not found school to be rewarding in the past, but who at the same time want to make positive changes in their own lives. If that sounds like someone you know, we may just be the school you are looking for!

Bronwyn Harcourt, Principal