Croydon Community School is located in the Eastern Metropolitan Region and attracts children from years 7 - 12. The school has a capacity to accommodate up to 120 students. Students wishing to enrol at Croydon Community School generally have had difficulties in mainstream school settings and for one reason or another need an alternative approach to education. Croydon Community School operates under the Big Picture Education model.

We believe that the school should be reflective of the characteristics of our wider society including such issues:

  • Cultural diversity
  • Gender balance
  • Disabilities/impairments
  • Range of student learning abilities

Enrolment Process

  1. Parent/Guardian contacts the school and arranges an appointment with Enrolment Officer to discuss enrolment and tour school with child.
  2. Parent/Guardian and student attends a tour of the school.
  3. Parent/Guardian completes an expression of interest in applying for an enrolment. It is essential at this stage that the student indicates a strong desire to attend Croydon Community School. The prospective student is asked to go home and think about their options and to contact the interviewer indicating a keenness to commence a three day trial at the school.
  4. The decision to offer a trial is made by the Enrolment Officer, Campus Principal and Leading Teacher in consultation with staff, when, and if a place becomes available. The student agreement must be signed prior to commencing the trial.
  5. Students must complete the Student Trial Enrolment Form before commencement of the trial.
  6. Enrolment procedure checklist to be completed ensuring all aspects of the checklist are covered including KTEA testing and ILP completion.
  7. Placement reviewed by Campus Principal/Leading Teacher, parent/guardian and student in order to confirm ongoing enrolment.
  8. Enrolment confirmed and formal enrolment forms completed including the school, student and parent agreement forms.

Students in Year 6 who indicate a preference to attend Croydon Community School must go through the same process as a normal enrolment. Given enrolments aren't confirmed until completion of the three day trial and induction program for new intake students, it is strongly recommended that students also make an enrolment preference with their local secondary school.